Riksföreningen Waldorfförskolornas Samråd

Waldorf early childhood education, also known as Steiner early years education, is devoted to the health, education and care of the young child from birth to school entrance.

Waldorf early childhood educators seek to nurture the development of each child’s unique capacities by offering warm, homelike environments with opportunities for imaginative play, meaningful purposeful work, and experiences in the arts, in nature and in community.There are more than 2500 Waldorf kindergartens, home programs, child care centers, and pre-schools in more than seventy countries throughout the world.

Waldorfkindergartens in Sweden are organized as private, but state-financed kindergartens which follow the national preschool – curriculum LPFÖ 98 as well as their own waldorf-curriculum “ EN VÄG TILL FRIHET (A Path towards Freedom). In our Kindergartens, we welcome children in the ages 1-7. We offer both small –child groups for 1-3 year olds, mixed ages groups for 3-7 year old, as well as mixed groups for 1-7 year olds. Waldorf pedagogy has existed since 1919 and has been developed and spread to more than 70 countries in the world.       In Sweden, there are  78 kindergartens today. A well known rhythm of every day, great care for both the environment and nature materials, as well as the emphasis on each child´s own development within free play, practical and artistic exercises and experiences are core values for every Waldorf-early childhood initiative around the world.


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